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SLK Champion

Dear changemaker,

We are delighted to discover that you want to become an SLK Champion!

With our system change approach we want to support and cultivate existing and new sustainability champions. If you are passionate about our planet and sustainability and you want to see change happening be part of the SLK Champion journey.

The program provides a combination of academic understanding of global challenges and opportunities that arise from climate change and human made destruction. We include practical tools and frameworks to help you understand what needs to happen in order to create systems change and working towards sustainable growth and building up social and economic resilience. 

The completion of all three levels will give you an opportunity to join our pool of experts and facilitators, as well as starting your own journey as a sustainability consultant.

We hope you will take this exciting opportunity and join our community of changemakers.


We look forward to hear from you!

Yours in changemaking,

SLK Team

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